Citizens should be given a fighting chance against crazy gunmen by having guns of their own, says Bill Maher

“Really? So if you were in a restaurant and a crazy gunman came in, you wouldn’t want to have a gun? You’d rather just be shot?”

This was the response Bill Maher gave California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), after the latter’s statements in support of gun control in the wake of the recent Paris attacks.

After Newsom dismissed the idea of giving citizens a fighting chance against bad guys with guns, Maher defended the option of self-defense during the November 20 airing of Real Time with Bill Maher.

Newsom said, “I just simply, this sort of mythology, the guy with the gun that’s going to come save the day, I mean, so right out of the movies, sort of this gun-slinging fantasy. The reality is, it’s most likely to create more harm, more damage, more lost lives in those circumstances.”

Newsom added that citizens without proper training might just worsen things by shooting uncontrollably without regard as to who might get hurt.

In response, Maher said, “But hasn’t the worst thing already happened? A crazed madman who’s bent on killing everyone? How could it get worse?”

Indeed — having citizens out in the open, unarmed and susceptible to sudden, violent attacks — how could it get any worse?


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